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Roark Resort Weather Safety Information

Fortunately at Roark Vacation Resort, we have never had to take shelter but we need to be prepared! As a result, we have prepared the following information for you in the event of an actual emergency or potential emergency conditions:

County we are located in: TANEY COUNTY

For updated Information for the immediate Branson area tune into:

  • Television: Channel 6
  • Radio: 106.3 FM

Emergency shelter

The "Club Room" (this is the rock building)

After 3:00PM, please contact the front desk for further instructions by dialing "0"

Terminology for understanding weather notifications:

Severe Thunderstorms

Severe Thunderstorm Watch - issued when weather conditions are right for the development of a thunderstorm

Severe Thunderstorm Warning - issued when storms with strong winds, rain and hail are in our area. Severe Thunderstorm Warnings may last for several hours.


Tornado Watch - issued when weather conditions exist that could produce a tornado.  A tornado watch may last for several hours.

Tornado Warning - issued when a tornado has actually been sighted and is in a position to threaten our community.  At this time, the civil defense warning sirens are sounded, and emergency messages are flashed on radio and television. Seek shelter immediately! A tornado warning usually lasts for thirty (30) minutes or less.

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